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Becoming an 1818 Instructor

Instructors interested in teaching for the 1818 Advanced College Credit program are accepted on a rolling basis.

High school teachers interested in becoming an adjunct instructor in the 1818 Advanced College Credit program should either:

  1. Hold a master's degree in the respective discipline.
  2. Hold a master's degree in another discipline provided that they have a minimum of 18 graduate hours related to the respective discipline they are applying to teach.

In extraordinary situations, a teacher may be approved as an adjunct instructor as long as he or she meets the same criteria the department sets for hiring on-campus adjunct instructors. University departmental liaisons, in consultation with appropriate department members and the 1818 Advanced College Credit program director, make the final determination regarding approval of adjunct instructors.

Applying to be an 1818 Adjunct

Once you have reviewed the requirements and special notes for consideration, please complete and submit the following items to the 1818 Advanced College Credit program office via email:

  1. Adjunct instructor application
  2. Course syllabus/syllabi using SLU 1818 template
  3. Confirmation that you've requested your official collegiate academic transcripts be sent to the 1818 Advanced College Credit program office 

You may include copies of unofficial transcripts when submitting your application to expedite the approval process, however official copies will be required to be on file to affirm your final full approval to the program.

Teachers must submit their application packet before the following deadlines to guarantee course offerings for each semester:

  • June 1 for applicants wishing to start in the fall semester
  • Oct. 1 for applicants wishing to start in the spring semester

Review Process

After receiving all necessary application materials, the 1818 Advanced College Credit program director will:

  1. Review the packet and, if no changes are needed, forward it to the respective University liaison.
  2. The University liaison will notify the teacher and 1818 Advanced College Credit program director via formal letter whether the teacher is approved, provisionally approved (with provisions stated), or not approved at this time (with reasons for lack of approval stated).
  3. Once an individual has received a copy of their approval letter from their University liaison,  the 1818 Program will remit a formal welcome letter with information about trainings, SLU login information, and a copy of the program handbook.
  4. Newly approved instructors should register and attend the New Partner Orientation and Summer Symposium.

Returning Instructors

Each year, returning instructors must:

  1. Submit their course syllabus for the upcoming academic year using the SLU 1818 syllabus template.
  2. Register and attend the Summer Symposium.

Returning Instructor New Course Approvals

Instructors who are already approved to teach in the 1818 Advanced College Credit program may request to teach additional courses without going through the full application process.

Individuals wishing to add or teach new courses that they have not formally been approved to teach yet should email a copy of the new course syllabus, in the SLU 1818 template, to

The 1818 program director will forward the syllabus for review by the respective University liaison. The teacher will receive an official letter of authorization from the University liaison if approved to teach the additional course.