Graduate Minor in Global and Local Social Justice

The aim of the Global and Local Social Justice graduate minor is to provide students with an understanding of the social and political institutions and processes that advance or inhibit social justice. Through interdisciplinary study of social systems, political institutions, public policies, cultural values, and processes of change, students become familiar with structures that expand or impede material welfare, racial and gender equality, individual human rights, and other components of a just society. With this knowledge of social structures and processes, students will be in a better position to extend their efforts on behalf of social justice beyond individual charitable impulses and toward the construction of a just society.

In addition to providing students with the tools they need to become more effective citizens, the Global and Local Social Justice graduate minor prepares students for careers in government and non-profit organizations by giving them the opportunity to think rigorously about the nature of justice and the ways social and political systems embody that value.

For more information, contact Dr. Robert Strikwerda, Director of the Program.
Office: McGannon Hall, Room 134
Phone: 314.977.4238

Requirements of the minor

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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