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SLU Van Rental

Saint Louis University's Department of Transportation Services coordinates the rental of University vans to assist the transportation needs of faculty, staff, students and SLU organizations conducting official University business.

Effective January 14, 2019, we are instituting a new policy for pre/post-trip vehicle inspections. See the "Vehicle Pickup and Return" section below for more information.

Rental Rates

Time Period/Mileage Half Day* Daily Rate**
Less than 50 miles $39 + $5 for gas and van prep. $64 + $5 for gas and van prep.
More than 50 miles*** $39 + gas $64 + gas

*Half Day: Checked out and returned before noon of the same day. Only available Monday-Friday.

**Daily Rate: Checked out in the morning and returned after noon OR Checked out after noon and returned the same day.

***Rentals of more than 50 miles will be charged based on Mapquest calculation of the round trip distance (miles) to the destination and back.

  • Rates above are for seven-passenger vans.
  • Specialty vehicles are charged the current market rate and require more time to procure. Be sure to allow at least one week prior to rental date when requesting specialty vehicles. Additional driver requirements may apply.
  • One business day notice is required for rental requests and/or cancellation. Holidays and weekends do not count as business days. If no cancellation notice is given by email one business day prior to departure, the established rate/fees will still be charged.
  • Reservations made outside of normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.), or during University holidays will be reviewed on the following business day. Be sure that day is far enough from the rental date to have your request completed.
Driver Eligibility

All potential drivers must meet the following criteria before being authorized to drive University vans.

  •  Must have a U.S. driver's license.
  • All seven-passenger van drivers must be at least 18 years of age. Additional restrictions may apply for specialty vehicles.
  • Names and Banner ID numbers must be listed on the Van Request form. Only those names with Banner ID numbers will be considered for driving and van pickup.
  • All drivers must complete and submit the Motor Vehicle License Reference Check (MVLRC) form. Please allow at least three business days for the reference checks to be processed and approved. If you do not have an approved license verification check, you will not be allowed to drive and the van will not be released into your care.

    If you have a Missouri license, you can fill the form out online.

    For out of state licenses, please go to the Office of Clinical Education Compliance in DuBourg Hall, Room 20 and ask  for a MVLRC. Bring a valid drivers license. No appointment is necessary.

The University reserves the right to ensure that all drivers of University vans have reasonable driving records and will only authorize drivers based on the motor vehicle license reference check.

This process must be completed for each driver once per fiscal year. Each fiscal year begins on July 1.

View Driver Criteria (PDF) 


Only people directly engaged in the University activity for which the van is to be used may be passengers in the vehicle. The vehicles are not available for personal purposes and may not be kept overnight at an employee's or student's place of residence, except as authorized.

For trips that exceed a 500 mile one-way radius:

  • Rental of vans or vehicles through an outside rental company will be coordinated by Transportation Services. 
  • SLU prohibits the rental of 15-passenger vehicles, but does rent 12-passenger vehicles. Must be over 21 to drive.

Vehicles obtained through the SLU Van Service may not be operated by any person under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances or any drug impairing the operator's ability to safely operate the vehicle.

Vehicle Pickup and Return


  • Vehicles are checked out from the security booth in the Olive garage.
  • All drivers will be requested to present their driver's license at the time of pickup.  A copy of the driver's license will not be accepted and the van will not be released for the scheduled use if only a copy is provided. No exceptions will be made.
  • Take five photos of your rental vehicle (front, sides, back, and odometer) before leaving the garage. If you do not have a smart phone, please obtain two vehicle inspection forms from the security office at Olive garage (one for pre-trip and one for post-trip).
  • If more than one vehicle has been requested, a single driver may not pick up the keys for multiple vehicles.
  • You must have completed and approved MVLRC License Check at least one business day prior to departure date to drive.

A rental bag containing keys, gas card, insurance ID card and parking card will be issued to each vehicle. Inspect the vehicle, inside and outside, noting cleanliness, dents, damages, etc. before leaving.

Vehicles will be available for pickup between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

In the event that there is a time or date change on picking up the vehicle, please notify the Transportation Services Coordinator at before arriving to pickup the vehicle. Changes must be made one business day prior to departure date. 

Twenty-four hour notice is required in the event of a cancellation to ensure your department is not charged.

The user(s) of a University van may park his/her vehicle in the non-reserved areas of the Olive garage.


  • Return the van to the Olive parking garage and park it on the second floor in the southeast corner.
  • All vans should be returned free of all trash and personal items. The general cleanliness of the vehicle is the responsibility of the driver. The department and/or organization may be billed accordingly if Transportation Services must clean the vehicle.
  • Vans should be refueled if trips exceed 50 miles round trip. Otherwise, gas is included for a flat $5 fee and transportation services will refuel the van.
  • Take an additional five photos of your rental vehicle (front, sides, back, and odometer) upon returning to the garage.
  • Email all photos to with your group name/department, vehicle number on your rental bag slip and date of return [or departure and return dates if over one calendar day]. Photos should be submitted via email within 48 hours of return date.
  • For those with paper inspection forms, complete post-trip inspection form and insert both pre- and post-trip inspection forms into the rental bag. Completed checklists should be included in rental bag when returned.
  • Return the rental bag with original contents (key(s), wallet [containing parking card, credit card, and pin card], insurance ID card, accident information and accident form) to the security booth in the Olive garage. Do not lock keys in the van.

Email if there are any:

  • Problems incurred while using the vehicle
  • Dents or other damage
  • Accidents and/or injuries. (Accident forms must be completed and turned in along with a police report.)
User Responsibility
  • Abide by all Saint Louis University policies.
      • Seat belts must be worn while driving or riding in vehicles.
      • No alcohol containers and/or illegal substances are not permitted in vehicles.
  • All traffic offense fines, payments or penalties are the personal obligation of the driver. (Note: It is not permissible to use University funds to make payment.)
  • No form of smoking is permitted in vehicles.

A van may be reserved by Saint Louis University departments or university-sanctioned organizations for official University business. Vans are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. A Van Request Form must be completed online and submitted to Transportation Services.

Van Request Form

Information required includes: driver name(s) and Banner ID number(s), department, department phone, the purpose of the trip, departure date and time, destination, return date and time, number of passengers and fund number.

Verification of all van requests will be sent to the requester.

Only drivers listed on the original submission form will be approved to pick-up the vehicle at the garage.

Gas and Oil Expenses

A Voyager gasoline credit card is issued in the rental bag and should be carried by the driver at all times and not left in the van. This card may be used for the purchase of self-service, non-premium gasoline for the designated University van on scheduled official University business. All receipts for gasoline purchased must be turned in with the vehicle upon completion of trip. A $20 fine will be charged to the sponsoring department for each missing receipt.

For those trips under 50 miles round trip, refueling is not necessary due to the flat $5 gas fee.

If you have a trip that is scheduled for over 50 miles round trip, refueling is necessary and will be billed back to the sponsoring department. Those estimating gas costs can use  the "estimate fuel cost" feature on Mapquest by mapping to your destination using SLU as the origin. The  estimated fuel cost is multiplied by two and rounded to the nearest increment of $5 like our flat rate fee.

Please note that it is against University policy to purchase gasoline or other services with a University-owned credit card for a privately-owned vehicle.

On an exception basis, if out-of-pocket gasoline and oil expenses are necessary, please be sure to save all receipts to be reimbursed. List these expenses on the trip record, return the receipts in the rental bag  and Transportation Services will submit the appropriate paperwork for your reimbursement. The department or organization requesting the vehicle will be billed accordingly for these expenses.

University Insurance

The University automobile fleet is self insured and a valid insurance ID card serves as proof of insurance. They are included in the rental bag.

A $1,500 deductible per automobile involved in an accident is charged to the department or organization for all University auto-claims. For more detail, please visit Risk Management.

Emergency Repairs

All University owned vehicles have Saint Louis University written on the exterior of the vehicle and are covered by Encore roadside assistance. In the event that a vehicle becomes inoperable or requires emergency repairs, refer to the white informational binder located inside each University vehicle. If the vehicle does not have "Saint Louis University" written on the exterior, contact Enterprise's AAA roadside assistance at 1-800-307-6666. When in a safe location, contact the Department of Public Safety at 314-977-3000 to report the incident and email detailing what happened along with condition and location of the vehicle.

Accident Reporting

In the event of an accident involving a vehicle, either SLU owned or rented, the following procedures should be followed, regardless of the extent of damage:

Emergency Procedures

  • Take necessary steps to prevent additional accidents at the scene.
  • Call police and emergency services, if necessary.
  • Do not leave the scene until police have arrived.
  • Take pictures, if possible.

Information Required

At the scene, write down the following information from all other drivers:

  • Name, address, phone
  • Driver's license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance information

While at the scene of the accident, secure information needed to complete SLU's Automobile Accident Report Form. A copy of this form can be found in the bag you received from Transportation Services and must be sent to Risk Management within two business days.

Reporting of Accidents/Injuries

Accidents and/or injuries to anyone must be reported at once to the Department of Public Safety at 314-977-3000. DPS will notify Risk Management and Transportation Services. Risk Management will coordinate with Transportation Services for vehicle assessments and repairs. For detailed information on deductibles and other payment information, visit Risk Management.