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Parking Regulations

All faculty, staff, students and visitors parking a vehicle at SLU must comply with the University and state parking regulations, policies and procedures. 

All motor vehicle parking regulations are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including periods when classes are not in session.  Multiple violations or continued abuse of parking regulations, policies and procedures will result in parking privileges being denied and/or relocated at owner's expense to off-campus storage. Mechanical problems, inclement weather or other vehicular disabilities do not justify parking violations.

A parking permit does not guarantee you a parking space, but only an opportunity to park within a specified area or areas. The Office of Parking and Card Services and the Department of Public Safety are authorized to restrict the use of spaces on a temporary basis to accommodate special meetings, University-sponsored activities or construction  Advance notice will be provided.

The maximum speed in parking garages or lots is 10 m.p.h.

All vehicles parked on SLU property are parked at the risk of the vehicle owner. The University is not responsible or liable for loss or damages by reason of fire, theft, collision or other cause to parked vehicles or contents of the same. The vehicle owner and occupants assume full responsibility for any personal injuries that may occur while the vehicle is parked on SLU property.

Parking Defined  

Any unattended vehicle is defined as a parked vehicle and must comply with all parking regulations. Without exception, park your vehicle between two white parallel parking stall lines. Do not park on or over the line, regardless of how others park. Hazard lights do not allow you the ability to park temporarily. You must park according to campus parking rules and regulations at all times. In an emergency, such as a vehicle breakdown, contact our office at 314-977-2957 and the Department of Public Safety at 314-977-3000. Please provide the vehicle location, description and estimated time of removal/repair. If towing or a jump start is needed, we can assist or refer you to those who can.

No Parking Areas: Parking is not permitted in areas not identified as a valid parking space above. These areas do not require signage and often are unmarked.

Yellow or Red Curbs: Yellow or red markings designate fire lanes and are not parking areas. Parking in these areas is prohibited at all times with or without of the presence of hazard lights.

Reserved/Client/Commercial Parking Spaces: Parking is restricted 24 hours a day, seven days a week for reserved spaces, client spaces and commercial parking spaces. Tickets will be issued and an immediate tows or booting will occur if vehicles are parked in these signed spaces.

Restrictions by Vehicle Type

Small/Compact Car Space: These spaces exist to allow drivers in a garage better visibility.

Your vehicle must be no larger than 175 inches long by 68 inches wide by 57 inches high and must fit within the white stall lines and boundaries designated by the white dashed line. No trucks, SUVs, wagons, Jeeps or minivans are allowed.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles have the same restrictions as all other vehicles. They must be parked in a valid parking space, and if that area requires a permit, you must have one. The motorcycle must not obstruct an aisle in any way and can’t obstruct or hinder parking in adjacent parking stalls. Motorcycles cannot park on sidewalks, lawns, pedestrian malls, driveways, bike racks or in hashed areas.

Abandoned Vehicles: The University reserves the right to tow vehicles that remain on University property in an inoperative, derelict or abandoned condition or vehicles that are not in compliance with state regulations. University parking facilities may not be used for long-term storage.

Overnight Parking Restrictions

Overnight hangtags must be obtained from the parking and card services office in DuBourg Hall prior parking, unless the vehicle is going to park overnight in the Olive Garage visitor section. No permits are required in the Olive visitor section for overnight parking. Attendees simply will pay the machine upon exit using the ticket obtained upon entrance.

If your vehicle breaks down, contact the Department of Public Safety at 314-977-3000 and report the vehicle description, license plate number, lot location and time frame for repair or removal of the vehicle.

Parking Violations, Fines and Tow Fees

Fines are payable at the parking and card services office within 14 calendar days. If not paid within two weeks, the University reserves the right to process fines against a student's account or through payroll deduction for faculty or staff.

The following fees will be assessed to the owner or operator of any vehicle on University property in violation of the parking regulations defined by the University. The registered holder of a parking permit is responsible for parking violations permitted vehicles. By paying a fine, you accept responsibility for the vehicle, its activity on campus, and assume all violations incurred by said vehicle unless otherwise stated. These lists are not inclusive.

$10 Fine
  • License plate not facing aisle, not visible or otherwise obstructed from scan by the license plate recognition system.
$15 Fine
  • Time expired/unpaid in Parkmobile parking area. 
$25 Fine  
  • Parking over the stall line.
  • Improper use of permit , including overnight parking with a commuter permit, parking on campus with an evening permit outside of the time authorized, etc.
  • Parking in the wrong section of a lot.
  • Parking in the visitor spaces of the Laclede Garage with a valid, non-Laclede, non-reciprocal permit.
  • Parking in a small-car only space with a vehicle larger than 175 inches long by 68 inches wide by 57 inches high.
  • Exceeding the 30-minute time limit when loading or unloading your vehicle. Flashers must be on. Note: If your vehicle remains in the loading zone space for one hour, it will be subject to immediate boot and/or tow.
  • Parked incorrectly/outside of Parkmobile parking area.
  • Parking in reserved visitor parking spaces when your permit has expired.
  • Parking in reserved visitor parking spaces if the Reinert purple or Brouster Hall white one-day visitor hangtag is not displayed, the vehicle is parked in the Reinert visitor spaces past 10 p.m., or faculty, staff or students are parked in these spaces.
  • Double permit violation is including but not limited to:
      • Parking more than one vehicle on SLU’s campuses per parking permit at one time.
      • Using your ID’s parking access for more than one vehicle on SLU’s campuses at one time.
      • Using your permit and ID access for vehicles other than those you have registered with the University.
$25 Fine and Immediate Boot
  • Possession of an expired parking permit or utilizing a permit parking area without a current active permit.
$50 Fine
  • Parking in an invalid space. This includes extending the aisle by one space or parking in a hash-marked spot in the corner of the garage or lot.
  • Parking on an incorrect lot. This is for vehicles registered with a permit for a different parking location.
  • All parking permits except for Evening General may park in the Laclede Garage at the following times:
      • Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and  5 p.m. to 2 a.m.
      • Saturday-Sunday, 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.
  • Parking in reserved, client and commercial parking spaces. These spaces are marked by signage and are enforced 24 hours, seven days a week.
$50 Fine and Immediate Boot/Tow
  • Parking on a reserved or premium lot with assigned spaces. This is for vehicles registered with a permit for a different parking location.
  • Parking in areas restricted by traffic cones, barricades or other traffic control devices.
  • Parking in building or service entrances, crosswalks and construction sites.
  • Driving on lawns or sidewalks.
$75 Fine and Immediate Boot/Tow
  • Possession of a lost or stolen permit. (Parking privileges may be revoked.)
  • Possession of a forged or altered permit. (Parking privileges may be revoked.)
  • Parking on University property after parking privileges have been revoked.
  • Parking in a disabled space without proper University or state permit. This includes the hash-marked area next to the parking space.
  • Parking in a fire lane (areas with drive lanes next to a building) or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. These areas are marked with signage or solid yellow curbs.
  • Parking or driving on a pedestrian mall, grass or sidewalk.
  • Derelict or abandoned vehicles.
  • Blocking or hindering traffic in an aisleway or non-parking area. The vehicle must be blocking, not just extending the aisle. These vehicles must be impeding the flow of traffic or blocking cars so that they cannot exit their spaces.

Removal and Impoundment

Staff from the Department of Public Safety and Parking and Card Services are authorized to enter, remove or impound motor vehicles from University property at the owner’s expense when the vehicle is in violation of parking regulations and or commits violations that are towable offenses.

The tow fee is currently $100, but it is subject to change depending on the availability of the vendor providing the towing service. Special equipment or circumstances may increase the charge. A "drop" fee is charged in situations where the tow truck is hooked up to the vehicle but still on SLU property. A daily storage fee of $25 is charged if the vehicle is not reclaimed by the owner.

Remember: Cars parked on private property and on the parking lots of surrounding businesses may result in a tow at the owner's expense.

Disabling of Vehicles by Affixation of a Boot Device

Three or more outstanding citations or parking on University property after your privileges have been revoked means you are subject to immediate boot. A fine of $50 for boot removal, plus all fines and fees owed, must be paid in full at the Office of Parking and Card Services

Appeal Procedure

A parking citation may be appealed by filing online through mySLU. Select “Parking and Card Vehicle Registration, Outstanding Parking Citations” or a complete appeal form in person at the parking and card services office in DuBourg Hall, Room 33, within 14 calendar days of the citation. Parking citation fines must be paid before filing an appeal.